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I am being told I am wrong but I am not!


Please re-read the question carefully.  99.9% of cases it is down to the user and not us. Please follow this checklist if you think you are right but are being told the answer is wrong:

  1. Only claim on one faucet at the same time.  Opening multiple faucets will show the same CAPTCHA on each one but will only be able to be completed once meaning if you complete that question on one faucet, completing it on another will result in being told the answer is wrong.
  2. Refresh the page then re-read the question
  3. Ensure you are providing the correct answer, spelt correctly and in English.
  4. Submit and all should be good.

Entering the incorrect answer multiple times will result in a temporary block so be careful and if it says you are wrong, re read the question rather than keep submitting the same probably incorrect answer.

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